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Your next breakthrough is just a lunch away

Business is all about relationships,
Lunchback is all about delivering those relationships.

Lunchback Premium


Professional Matchmaking AI

Build your goals

Once you sign up, our AI bot George will help you build your professional goals by asking a few simple questions. He'll also check in with you from time to time to make sure that your goals are current and still relevant for you.

Get magically matched

George the AI bot then delivers matches to you based on your criteria, just like magic.

Some of our restaurant partners:


Adding an AI to every event

Empowering events with specialized and tailor made matching

Easy set up

The on boarding goes live a few weeks before the event, collecting information from people and delivers the matches days before the event.

Extend the reach of your event

Why be confined in time by the days of your event?
Let the participants connect and keep talking about your event and with each other.

Lunchback event

Match participants with each other

Our unique AI algorithm can match your event participants based on any chosen criteria that you or they themselves choose.

Unique bot for every event

Create a unique bot just for your event that connects with the users and guides them through the on boarding, answers questions and presents them with their matches.

Some events from the Startup scene in Stockholm:

Lunchback APP

Meet Lunchback

Lunchback is a physical extension to your company's intranet. Meet colleagues from different departments and get connected based on your specific skillsets and interests. It makes internal networking as simple as browsing an app.

Rediscover your company and colleagues!

Companies that take their networking seriously:

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